Gravity Water Filter Pros
Who Are We?

The Leading Gravity Water Filtration System Specialists

Welcome to Gravity Water Filter Pros, the leading supplier for gravity water filters and electronic water purifiers. We stock many different pure water filtration systems that all pass NSF high quality standards.

Our Goal

To provide a wide variety of high quality and long lasting gravity water filters and water filtration systems, that are cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing. To further this goal we deliver exceptional customer satisfaction , expert water filtering knowledge and an unmatched range of premium water filters and purification devices.

Our Exclusive Range Of Water Filters

Gravity Water Filter Pros offer a huge range of home and commercial water filtration systems, with leading brands such as Big Berkey, AquaCera, AquaCrock, Doulton and many more you know that you are getting exceptional quality gravity and electrical water filters, that have been designed to leave your drinking water tasting refreshing and free from impurities, bacteria, viruses and other unwanted chemical elements.

All of our filtration systems and water purifiers have been vigorously tested to the highest standards, ensuring that they remove 99.99 % of bacteria and harmful viruses. They all pass the NFS quality standards for food colour tests, turbidity and impurity removal.

In addition to passing all NFS Standards, most of our filtration devices and water purifiers come with a minimum 6 month guarantee (some water filters come with up-to 2 years). Our rock solid guarantee ensures that you can drink as much crystal clear water as you desire, knowing that your new water filter is guaranteed for hundred and hundreds of gallons of water.

What Our Customers Think

I recently purchased a Big Berkey water filter from you and have to say it looks stunning. It has clearly been built with quality in mind and I am sure it will last me many years. This model of water purification system, makes my drinking water taste so fresh and me and the family love it. The level of service you offered me was exceptional and your reps were very knowledgeable. I recommend Gravity Water Filter Pros to any one considering a high quality home water filter.

Mr C Barnes - UK

I have been using you guys to supply my cafes with water purification machines for a number of months. My customers always tell me how clean the water looks and even tell me that a cup of tea still tastes great. 5 stars from me.

Mrs D Sellwood – USA